SBM / Super Basic Me, “Basit sihirlidir” mottosuyla ortaya çıkan kişisel bir online arşiv .

Temel olan, basit olan, aracısız olan, hayati olan bilgiler, araçlar, tasarımlar, kurgular, yorumlar ve düşünceleri hatırlamak ve tekrar inşa etmek için yazılan yazılar, paylaşılan bilgiler, etkinlikler, workshopları burada bulabilirsiniz.


SBM / Super Basic Me is a personal online archive created with the motto “Basic is magic!”.

It is simply to remember the primary, the fundamental, the stark, the original and the straightforward vital information, tools, designs, fiction, interpretations and thoughts to rebuild. You can find here the writings, links, images, information about the activities and workshops related with this topic.

I think “basic” is magic.


Why basic is magic ?

Basic means simple and not complicated. It is there by default to provide us the grounds which we can develop something from. It can be part of anything that forms an essential foundation for any construction. It is fundamental.

It is at the bottom; simplest, useful and straight forward.

What we do ?

SBM is a platform the workshops and works are documented along with inspirational references and personal views on design and simplicity. I like to organize ‘get togethers’ for the urgent need to simplify and discover the personal interpretations of the “basic”. To be able to do that we build things together in a collective manner, then discuss opinions about our experience of the building to exchange ideas and learn from differences.

It is also a blog where materials and notes regarding to “design therapy” are put together along with quick tips and inspirations about the approaches to keep you basic and magic !

Why ‘super basic’ ?

The term “super basic” is an exclamation mark to underline the importance of an attitude taken during the design process or towards certain things. Sometimes a pattern, a detail, an element, a tool or even a certain moment is referred. I think it is magical to be able to explain things with very simple formulas. This is a dream I would like to experience. Hope I can contribute to it with my work.

// Deniz Uner.

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