How to build a Mari chair ? 

Basic means simple and not complicated. It is there to be able to provide us the grounds or starting points which something can develop from. By default. Basic can be also a part of something that forms an essential foundation for any construction. It can be fundamental, focal, a ground work. Or of the simplest kind or level. Word originates in mid 19th cent : base ( the noun ); ground, the bottom.

In the first step of the workshops we introduced the method and let participants built several chairs together. With the experience of sharing and helping each other, participants were able to break free of their preconceptions about themselves not be able to make a real, useful chair with the given basic materials: wooden pieces and nails.

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Event Planning & Tutoring : Deniz Üner, 2015.

Workshop Space & Gallery Showcase : Püristanbul, 2015.

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