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“Design is only design if it communicates the knowledge”. (Enzo Mari,1974)

Design has become hard to describe in todays world. It has also become rare to enjoy very basic things in our lives. Basic means simple and not complicated. It is there, by default, to provide us the grounds or starting points which we can develop something from.

With BTB workshops we wanted to underline the importance of simplifying things and remembering the roots. In these workshops we engaged with these goals and experience unique material for the upcoming ‘design therapy’ sessions.

We started BTB workshops first under the name of ‘Basitlik Deneyleri’ in October 2015. Events took place at Püristanbul, an open art space and gallery located in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. During our first meetings we introduced Enzo Mari’s Autoprogettazione project (1974) with the participants and talked about how groundbreaking and inspiring this project had been to design world. Later with motivations taken from Mari and his method as “building a piece of furniture with limited amount of materials and basic tools”, we suggested to build famous ‘Sedia Chair’ together in the 1st phase of the workshops. The construction we only used hammer and nails as explained in Autoprogettazione. Later in the second part, participants had built their own re-designs or sedia chair using the same method and the tools, experienced the basic foundations of making fully functional structures with limited materials in a collective sharing environment.

BTB workshops took place on almost every sunday for three months in 2015. It ended in February 2016. I believe we achieved true communication of the basic design knowledge with participants that are from different backgrounds.

Deniz Üner.

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