What is it ?

Design Therapy is set of workshops that raise awareness to the healing energy of simplifying things. There are several workshop themes under this main topic with different names and approaches. Design therapy methodology is developed through these workshops together with the participants over time.

In design therapy workshops we use some of the art therapy approaches combined with basic design methods to generate creativity and self-awareness, to relax, create alternative solutions to the occurring confusion and complexity of our daily modern lives. Basically we learn how to work within limitations and get over those limitations in a collective environment.

Why do we use it?

Through practical knowledge that is shared within the group, we discuss, plan, construct and also play. There are four stages described in the beginning of each workshop. With following discussions in a friendly and neutral set up, we discover our own creativity by brainstorming and taking direct action. We embrace and accept certain limitations from start till the end, see how being aware of those limitations can help us to be more creative.

Where can we go with it ?

Considering design not being free of its own surroundings, we believe restrictions can be used to inspire. By creating hypothesizes during workshops we test and share our experiences with wider audience to motivate anyone who is interested in simplicity and the positive energy that comes with it.